“Nest:Space” is one leg of the “Nest Space, LLC” family. This coworking idea started in 2012, when Chais & Shawna Meyer (husband & wife business team) lived in Southeast Asia. You know what, rather than our Nest:Space team telling you about Chais & Shawna, we’ll have them tell you themselves (Q & A Style)!


Question: So, Chais & Shawna, please tell us how you got onto this coworking journey in the first place?

Chais & Shawna: Coworking in Thailand was happening in a mainstream way before it became popular in the United States. There was a business component to it for sure, but its success stemmed more from the community it established, for the locals and foreigners alike. It was neutral ground for like-minded people who took ‘dedicated work' seriously but still were willing to help better someone else if they asked for assistance. This was the spirit of what we experienced, and this is what started us on our coworking Journey.


Question: What will it take for you to consider Nest:Space a success?

Chais & Shawna: Living overseas for two years, changed our outlook on life! Most specifically, what we define as our personal successes. We're no longer focused on making a buck at all cost, we're genuinely interested in creating great things for those that want them. While we're working with our customers, we do our best to impress during every one of our interactions. We're interested in creating businesses that can change people's lives, in the subtlest of ways. So, if we’re able to fill our space by helping others grow quicker than they would have otherwise, connect with like-minded individuals and have success in their day to day workload, we’ll consider this venture a success for all involved!


Question: Where did the name “Nest:Space” come from?

Chais & Shawna: For us, “Nest” gives us the visual of a bird’s nest. It implies ‘intimate,’ ‘security,’ ‘a place that provides us nourishment for growth,’ and ’a place to launch from.’. This is what Nest:Space is for us, an environment & culture we wished existed when we started out in business all those years ago.


Question: Right now there’s “Nest:Space” what comes next? Will there be any other “Nest” services you’d like to provide?

Chais & Shawna: Hahahaha…wouldn’t you like to know!? 😉 For real though, yes, we’re planning on creating other services that we think are missing in communities like ours (Kearney, Nebraska and beyond). It seems that our society is moving in the direction of ‘niche’ ‘micro’ and ‘social’ – So we’re looking to take big ideas that would not otherwise happen unless a larger group of people have some sort of investment in the idea themselves. The bigger the group revolving around a specific idea, the more affordable and exceptional any one of these specific ideas will become, for all involved. If we’re able to positively impact a few different sectors (how people work, how people live, how people stay fit, and how people solve their own problems), with this same mentality, then we believe we can really shake things up in communities the size of ours or larger.


Question: You’re already running a business that you built from scratch, a custom print shop for apparel & accessories (called “24 Hour Tees”), do you think your business knowledge will help you make Nest:Space better than it would be otherwise?

Chais & Shawna: We’d sure as hell hope so! 🙂 Before we built 24 Hour Tees, Chais was also an owner in a website development company he and a business partner built, called “Control Yours” – Having over 12 years of ‘doing our best to run a small business’ has taught us so much about ourselves and maybe most importantly, what mistakes to avoid in the future if we want a business to be a success. Running a business is NOT easy, especially in the beginning stages of a small bootstrapped business.

We’ve learned SO MANY THINGS over the past 12 years, and we’re using all of that knowledge (tech integrations, customer service, business automation, and marketing) to create this business (Nest:Space), which we feel is going to be our best business yet!