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We're Located In Nebraska…

and because Nest:Space calls the state of Nebraska our home, it only makes sense that our affiliates have some sort of connection to Nebraska. If you live in Nebraska, and know people that live in (or travel to) the middle of the state, then you're a perfect candidate to be an affiliate of ours.

If you live outside of the state, then it only makes sense to sign up as an affiliate if you have a connection to this state somehow (friends, family or colleagues that live here) otherwise your chance of making any real commissions will be pretty low.

10% Of Every Referral…

Once you successfully become an affiliate with us, you'll be able to share our website (using your custom Nest:Space URL) with your coworkers, friends, family or whoever. If they click on the link you sent them and sign up for a Nest:Space membership (daily pass, weekly pass, monthly pass or yearly pass), you'll automatically earn 10% of that sale (along with any other purchase they do in the next 30 days)!

If you're an influencer in the Central Nebraska ‘mobile workforce' community, then we may be a perfect fit for each other (you send new members our way and we give you a percent of the sale price as a thank you)!

Per Commission = Great Extra Money!

Yes, You Read That Right…

For every new person you send our way (as long as they use your custom Nest:Space URL), you'll get of a chunk of every single online sale they make with us, this applies to largest and smallest memberships we sell!

So if you sent someone your custom Nest:Space affiliate link (that you'll get after signing up), and that person did something like pay for a one year pass for themselves and their spouse, then you'll earn $299/sale X 2 = $598 in cold, hard, digital cash (We transfer commissions through PayPal)! 🙂

Shirts, Events, Classes, etc…

If someone clicks on your custom Nest:Space website URL (that you'll get after signing up), and they decide to buy a shirt, sign up for one of our classes, register for an event, etc., you'll get a piece of every single transaction, all because you sent them our way!

We appreciate those that help us become successful, and because you're doing just that by sharing your unique URL to others, you deserve a cut! Thank you!

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