Welcome to Nest:Space™

We're absolutely thrilled to have you join us at Nest:Space™, Kearney's go-to co-working hub for creators, innovators, freelancers, and entrepreneurs! We've created this list of guidelines to ensure our vibrant community maintains its ‘work hard, play hard' spirit. 

While we encourage fun, we take these guidelines seriously – non-compliance may result in the termination of your membership without a refund.

Respecting our Beautiful Nest:Space™

  • Cleanup Crew: Nest:Space™ thrives when everyone takes ownership. Please clean up after yourself, dispose of your trash and recycling correctly, and restore any furniture you move to its original spot.
  • Kitchen Capers: Keep our shared kitchen clean. Wipe down counters after use, dispose of food waste properly, and make sure to rinse off and place used dishes in the “dirty dishes” bins.
  • ​​24/7 Access, but No Overnight Stays: While we're a 24/7 facility, Nest:Space™ is not intended to be your residential space. Maintaining a professional atmosphere is essential, so no sleeping is allowed on the premises.

Being Excellent to Each Other

  • Peaceful Coexistence: Keep noise levels to a minimum. This includes maintaining a respectful volume during conversations and phone calls. Remember, headphones are required!
  • Personal Space: Respect others' workspaces. Do not intrude unless invited, and avoid interrupting meetings or work sessions without permission.
  • Food and Drink: You're welcome to enjoy any snacks or drinks you bring, but taking others' without permission is a definite no-no.

Your Community Manager is Your Ally, Not Your Attendant

  • Responsibilities: Our stellar Community Manager is here to answer questions and ensure things run smoothly. However, they are not here to clean up after you. If you make a mess, be it spilling coffee or a bathroom faux pas, you are responsible for cleaning it up.

Our Furry Friends

  • Pet Policy: While we adore animals, please refrain from bringing pets into the workspace, with the exception of certified service animals.

Showing Off Our Nest

  • Guests: We love it when you show off our space! Feel free to invite friends for a quick visit, but remember, you are responsible for them. Guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, but all other amenities are reserved for members only. If a guest wants to work, they’ll need a Day Pass.
  • Meetings: Nest:Space™ can accommodate micro-meetings of up to four people for three hours. If you need to host a larger group or for a longer period, please reserve our conference room.

Sunny Days and Outdoor Manners

  • Beverage Guidelines: Our outdoor seating area is perfect for working in the fresh air. However, all beverages must be contained within a glass or non-labeled bottle to maintain a professional atmosphere.

Smoke-Free Environment

  • No Smoking or Vaping: For the comfort and health of all members, smoking or vaping is not permitted inside our space or within 30 feet of any entrance to Nest:Space™. Some members are sensitive to smoke, and we aim to preserve the inviting scent of fresh air for everyone who walks through our doors.

Enjoying the Perks

  • Beverages and Snacks: Feel free to help yourself to a free drink (if you're of age), coffee, or tea, but please do not share our fridge drinks or snacks with your guests. These amenities are exclusively for members.

  • Toiletries: We provide gum and deodorant for freshening up, but kindly ask that these items remain in the workspace and not go home with you.
  • Business Books: We have a wide variety of business books around our space available for our members to peruse and learn from. However, these are for in-house reading only and should not be taken home. Let's make sure these resources remain accessible to everyone in the Nest:Space™ community.

Professional Mailing Address

  • Mailing Address Use: Nest:Space™ can certainly be your business's official address! However, to receive mail at our location, members are required to purchase our “Office Mailing Address” add-on. This helps us manage and organize our mail effectively and properly handles your important documents.

Fire Safety and Respect for Shared Spaces

  • No Open Flames or Unapproved Room Fragrances: To ensure the safety and comfort of everyone, the burning of any items, such as candles or incense, is strictly prohibited in Nest:Space™, regardless of whether you're in a private office. Furthermore, to maintain the carefully curated ambiance of our space, any added scents or fragrances (like air fresheners or wall plugins) must be approved by our team first. We want to ensure that our unique Nest:Space™ aroma remains enjoyable for everyone.

Conference Room Reservations

  • Fair Use Policy: Our conference room is a shared resource for all Nest:Space™ members, and we have implemented an automated reservation system to ensure fair access. Please respect this policy and only use the conference room if you have a confirmed reservation. Unreserved usage is not allowed, as it can disrupt the schedule and fairness for all members.

We're all in this together, dedicated to fostering an environment where productivity meets enjoyment. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

Finally, if you have features you’d like to add please do that via the following URL: https://feedback.nestspace.co/

Here's to creating, innovating, and thriving together!
-Your Nest:Space™ Team