House Rules : Nest:Space

Nest:Space House Rules


First Off, The Golden Rule – Treat others like you would want to be treated.

Secondly, if you see a mess (or accidentally make one) please help out the collective by cleaning it up – It's amazing to see our members have a positive and proactive desire to help take care of our beautiful space!

Third, please no burning of things (candles, incense, pot, cigarettes, etc.) inside our building, or directly next to a doorway. We have a very sensitive fire system and it would be terrible to have the sprinklers go off.

Fourth, Whenever you're using a device (a laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) that has sound coming from it, please use headphones. It's awesome that you're listening to whatever it is that you're listening to (music, a video, a conference call, etc.), but that doesn't mean that your coworkers want to hear it too.

Fifth, we're all here to get some serious work done, so please respect that the other members or pass holders may not be in the mood to talk during their prime work hours.

So, pay attention if someone is doing any of the following 3 things:

  1. If they have headphones on, that is a sign they don't want to be disturbed.
  2. If they shake their head “no” at you as they mouth “Sorry, I can't chat right now,” that is a clear indicator they can't chat.
  3. If they hold up something that is the color red, that means they're in the zone and can't stop doing what they're doing.

When ANY of these things happen to you, please don't get offended. You know as well as the next person, when we're in the zone, we don't like being disturbed, so let's help our community members be as productive as they want to be while they're here! 🙂

Finally…Please don't do any sort of illegal stuff on our internet network or on our property. 🙂

If you can follow these house rules, we'll all get along super well together!

Thanks so much,
Your Nest:Space Team