A Space Focused Around Our Local Community

Below are the three reasons we created Nest:Space™

Whether you need to get some solid “work” done in a peaceful and private environment, “meet” with others in a comfortable and inviting space (with free coffee & tea for everyone), or host your own private or public events in Central Nebraska's preferred “venue,” we've got you covered!


Rent Our Office Space

If you want peace & quiet, our member-only 24/7 office space offers the highest-end amenities (for the lowest cost) in Nebraska!


Host Your Meetings

Host meetings at Nest:Space for your prospects, clients, new hires, or current teammates & get free coffee a 360° Camera & more!


We're Also A Venue

We have three main venue zones designed to give you just the right amount of space for your party, event or team!

Owners & Operators of Nest:Space™

Nest:Space™ is locally founded, owned & managed.

Our Nest:Space™ ownership and management team is small but mighty (4 Owners & 1 Manager)! We do our best to focus on automating & systemizing tasks that don't NEED humans to do them; that way, our team can focus on the work we love to do!

Chais Meyer

Our Leader

Chais is the Nest:Space™ Visionary – Responsible for coming up with big ideas and planning & implementing our tech systems,  & automations.

Shawna Meyer

Our Designer

Shawna is the Nest:Space™ Designer – Responsible for creating “The Space Vibe;” making the space feel beautiful, inviting, relaxing & productive!

Bryan Valdovinos

Our Manager

Bryan is the Nest:Space™ Community Manager – Responsible for impressing others by managing our members, activities & systems!

Brent Yaw

Our Advisor & Investor

Brent is the Nest:Space™ Advisor – Responsible for helping our business focus on what matters most! Brent's big business experience is priceless!

Drew Blessing

Our Investor

Drew is a Nest:Space™ Investor – Without Drew's investment, many of the great areas of our building (the basement & our fenced-in outdoor seating, to name a couple) wouldn't have been possible!