Are you an early-stage entrepreneur with big dreams and a hunger for success? Meet Jasmine Stock, a fellow entrepreneur who, with the help of our Nest:Space™ Elevate Program, transformed her Digital Marketing and Business Strategy Consultancy, JDesigns Strategist, in only four months. Here's how she tripled her income and took her business to new heights!

Jasmine's Journey: From Vision to Victory

Jasmine joined our Elevate Program with a clear vision: to enhance her skills and systemize and expand her business to more people. The Nest:Space™ Elevate Program, designed to support active and aspiring Central Nebraska-based entrepreneurs, provided Jasmine with invaluable mentorship, accountability, and a wealth of educational resources to foster her business’ growth and efficiency.

Within four months of joining Nest:Space under the Elevate Program, Jasmine achieved extraordinary results! Her commitment to learning and a proactive approach to utilizing all of the knowledge and resources shared with her through the program led to tripling (3X) her income (from $2,000/month in February 2024 to $6,000/month in June 2024). Jasmine’s journey is a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets the right mentors, educational opportunities, and support.

“The mentorship and guidance I received through the Elevate Program completely changed my business,” Jasmine shared. “The educational resources provided helped me reshape my business strategies, to work smarter, not harder. The weekly meetings and mentorship from real business owners from different industries helped me stay accountable to my goals. Overall, the supportive startup community at Nest:Space has been instrumental in my recent business success!”

❓How Nest:Space™ Elevate Program Works

The Nest:Space Elevate Program is designed to empower entrepreneurs from various industries by providing them with free/discounted access to Nest:Space™ and the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of business development.

Participants receive guidance on everything from marketing strategies to automating business operations (the boring stuff), all aimed at fostering efficiency, innovation, and sustainable growth.

🌱 The Power of Mentorship and Community Support

Jasmine’s success story is a great example of the transformative power of community-led education and support. Her dedication to improving her skills and her proactive approach to applying the knowledge she gained has not only propelled her business forward but also set a high standard for other aspiring entrepreneurs in Kearney and the rest of Central Nebraska.

At Nest:Space™, our mission is to build a community of professionals who grow together and support each other in a productive and fun environment. We are incredibly proud of Jasmine’s achievements and are excited to continue helping her business thrive!

📈 Transform Your Business with Nest:Space™ Elevate

If you want to enhance your skills by starting or growing your own business, take inspiration from Jasmine. Embrace the educational opportunities & resources available to you locally, and let us (The Nest:Space™ Team & Community) help you turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality!

For more information about the Nest:Space™ Entrepreneurship, Mentorship, and Scholarship Program, called “Elevate,” please visit Nest:Space™ Elevate to learn more.