ENVISION Youth Leadership Event – 2022

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Our Nest:Space™ Team is proud to host the 2022 Annual ENVISION Youth Leadership Event! This event will be from 9:30 am to 10:40 am, and over 60 of the best and brightest local high school Juniors and Seniors will be participating within Nest:Space™ during this event!



ENVISION is a one-day youth leadership summit that focuses on personal development, career readiness, and community connection. The overall goals for this program are to give students the opportunity to ENVISION a future where they are encouraged to find growth, support, engagement, and opportunity within their community. Through doing so, students are able to connect with like-minded individuals, feel inspired to always continue growing, and let their voices be heard.


Through our program, ENVISION helps gear up Buffalo County high school students for the future. Focusing on leadership skills and obtaining the tools and training to make a positive change happen in their communities. ​

Students get a chance to develop their leadership skills and find ways that they can help our community grow. YLK allows them to build connections with like-minded individuals. By investing in our youth they in return will help us form a better future for Kearney.

2021 was the first year for ENVISION. It was created to give Buffalo County students an opportunity unlike any other program available to them. Recognizing that there was a need to retain our next generation of leaders in Buffalo County, the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce team created ENVISION. The mission of ENVISION is to empower students to envision their future in Kearney through business relationships. Participants are provided with tours, roundtable discussions, and speakers throughout the day.

Buffalo County high school sophomores and juniors are hand-selected by the administration to attend.


ENVISION takes place in Downtown Kearney with sessions featuring the following:

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder
  • Kearney Tomorrow
  • Best Leadership Practices
  • Marketing Yourself Online
  • Scholarship Essay Tips & Tricks
  • Establishing Entrepreneurship
  • Speed Interviews
  • Community Leader Panel
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Nest:Space™ Events & Why They’re Important for Central Nebraska’s Growth

Company Updates

When it comes to business & entrepreneurship, a huge benefit of attending local events is to network and learn from others in different industries! We not only grow our network, but we also expose ourselves to fields we're not yet familiar with.

Photo taken during ‘Nest:Space – Monthly Meetup' event

Nest:Space™ has built out three months of ongoing event programming, hosting several free monthly events for the public. These events include networking, group mentorship, rapid prototyping sessions, and more! We believe we must have business-related events and foster more professional connections in Central Nebraska & beyond, to thrive!

Our mission at Nest:Space™ in Downtown Kearney is to bring together business people of all ages and backgrounds, encourage networking, and add the potential for collaboration & between our event attendees!

The city of Kearney (and Central Nebraska) is continuously growing in the entrepreneurial & professionalism circles, and we are excited to be seen as a catalyst for more business creation & innovation locally.

If you'd like to come to our local events, please click on the links below to see everything happening at our space in the next couple of months! Also, feel free to subscribe to our Nest:Space™ event updates.

Take a look at our upcoming Nest:Space™ events below:
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