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We’ve installed a monitor on the standing work desk out in the hot desk zone! We personally love to stand to work, but some people don’t. There’s no wrong way to be productive AF! 🙂 If this monitor gets used on a weekly basis, we will install more monitors, if it doesn’t, we won’t. 🙂

It was recently brought to our attention that some of our micro offices aren’t very sound proof, so we’re working to fix that! Here’s what we’re doing: We’ll be installing some acoustic sound panels on the walls in the micro offices, they look like this: We’ll be putting spray foam at the top of the[…]

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Welcome to Nest:Work, we’re very happy to introduce you to the start of something beautiful for mobile professionals in the city of Kearney, Nebraska!   Who & What is Nest:Work? Our team exists to create visually stunning and creative shared workspace environments for mobile professionals (individuals or teams that can do their day to day work[…]

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